The growing biomass market is an ongoing and expanding opportunity for forest owners. Euroforest Ireland has the skills, expertise and extensive contacts to maximise revenues in this specialist sector.


At its most basic level Euroforest supplies more domestic firewood than ever before across Ireland. The Company is also a major player in the supply of timber for biomass in the production of heat and power in an almost carbon neutral process, as well as marketing excess electricity.

The generation of low carbon heat and power from wood-based biomass has important environmental and economic advantages. The ‘growing’ of fuel is recognised as virtually carbon neutral because the CO2 released during energy production is merely that absorbed during the growing process with virtually no ‘new’ carbon released into the atmosphere.

Whilst traditionally, low quality roundwood has been used for biomass, the real gains of recent years have been in the use of the brash and non-harvested stem wood from the top of the tree that often went to waste – being windrowed at the felling site or simply ploughed under.

Of course the real gain for the environment, forest owners and all forestry stakeholders is through the opportunity to recover value from products which have traditionally had no market.

Biomass Euroforest Ireland
Biomass Euroforest Ireland