Euroforest Ireland’s strong links with the key Scandinavian markets present excellent export opportunities for the Company’s clients.

Round Timber Exports

The dedicated Overseas Team has built strong, long-established links with many of the largest processors of roundwood and milling co-product in Scandinavia, as well as with companies in the UK and Northern Europe.

We are the only Irish company exporting pulp currently, we exported close to 55,000 tonnes in 2021 from limerick and Sligo ports which maximises profit for forest owners, and gives a pulp outlet to owners in these areas which was not there before.

In the future we aim to export 100,000 tonnes of pulp annually and increase the ports we work out of. Currently we are exporting out of Limerick, Sligo, Cork and Wicklow ports.

Round Timber Exports Euroforest Ireland