timber harvesting

successful professional timber harvesting maximises financial returns while encompassing the full spectrum of effective forestry site management 

Timber Harvesting

As Ireland’s largest independent timber harvesting business, Euroforest Ireland has the knowledge, experience, technical expertise and high quality professional workforce required to manage your harvest as efficiently and profitably as possible.

Euroforest Ireland takes an integrated approach to all the risks inherent in the harvesting process based on internationally accredited management systems. This enables forest owners to comply with all current Irish and international legislative and environmental procedures, whilst also benefiting from the Company’s FSC® Chain of Custody certification which allows client’s own FSC® certification (FSC - C136261) to be passed on through to the mill or processor.

Euroforest Ireland are the first forestry company in Ireland to achieve ISO certification to 14001:2015 Environmental Management System and 45001:2018 Occupational Health & Safety Management system standards, awarded by certification body BM Trada.

Close monitoring and regular site inspections ensure the smooth running of operations, with the aim of optimum product breakout and financial return, whilst minimising environmental impact.

Additional elements considered by the Euroforest  Ireland team when planning a harvesting operation

  • Application for thinning or clearfelling licences (TFL)
  • Application to fell ash dieback infected trees (Reconstitution ash dieback) scheme
  • Application for and securing of all permissions needed for road construction and timber removal.
  • Environmental protection.
  • Compliance with Forest & Water Guidelines.
  • Adhering to all regulatory requirements and operating to ‘Best Forest Practices’.
  • Adherence to Health & Safety regulations.
  • Hazard & Risk Assessment.
  • The inclusion in a group certification process.
Euroforest Ireland Timber Harvesting
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The Harvesting Specialists

  • Continuous Cover Forestry
  • Windfarm consultancy and tree felling
  • Having ISO 9001 and 45001 is a significant comfort to windfarm companies
  • Native woodland establishment and conservation
  • NeighbourWood scheme
  • Brash Harvesting

Euroforest Ireland takes special pride in offering a bespoke harvesting and marketing solution where we focus on the delivery of high quality service coupled with market leading financial returns to forest owners.

Successful timber harvesting depends on a broad spectrum of critical factors. For Euroforest the whole process pivots on offering the best possible quality of service to our clients. Wherever you have timber for sale, either in large or small volumes, we are happy to facilitate the forest owner in getting the maximum return.

The harvesting process starts with a site visit from your local Euroforest Manager who will advise you on whether your forest is ready for harvesting and discuss your options, such as preferred timescales and site constraints, as well as providing an expert overview of the timber market. The next step is to give comprehensive advice, detailing how we plan to work the site, as well as timescales for the operation. If necessary Euroforest can obtain felling licences on your behalf then, following agreement we will be ready to deliver on behalf of the forest owner.

Once the job is up and running, your Euroforest Manager will visit the site regularly to check and record progress. It is our managers’ responsibility to maximise the value of your timber, whilst at the same time ensuring the Euroforest team adhere to our recognised Health & Safety and Environmental site management policies, as well as the variety of rigorous industry codes of practice that the Company follows. We will keep you informed of site progress with regular updates on harvesting and despatch, including area and volume harvested, as well as product breakout.

Ultimately Euroforest aims to offer a complete, cost-effective, highly professional and trouble-free harvesting and sales service to you, leaving your site in a good condition ready for speedy preparation for re-planting of your next valuable commercial timber crop.