Euroforest Ireland markets nearly 300,000 tonnes metres of round timber on behalf of forest owners every year. The Company maximises value to its forest owners by accessing the full spectrum of potential markets for clients’ timber.

Timber Marketing & Sales

Unlike many of our competitors who are buying material for their own use, our role is simply to find the best value for the forest owner wherever we can within the forest products market.

Our managers focus on timber harvesting and marketing to maximum value. We work with a number of independent forest management companies and investment specialists, combining skills to achieve a competitive market value for the forest owner. Similarly, the Company does not have direct processing interests. Our aim is always to provide a high-quality service to forest owners that produces an industry leading net return per hectare, whilst adhering to current best practice.

Where required, Euroforest provides an all-encompassing harvesting service. Once the forest plan is in place you can step back and let Euroforest take the reins! We can provide forest owners with a transparent budget for any road construction works necessary to bring a forest into profitable production, along with projected future maintenance costings. All costings are prepared to match the specific requirements of each location. Our principal aim is to produce the highest returns to the forest owner, passing on any savings achieved, through astute harvesting and marketing, back to the owner.

Euroforest Ireland manages forests, harvests and markets timber, in both large and small volumes, in a variety of ways:

  • Management combined with commission of net profit from timber sales.
  • Bespoke Arrangements: Dedicated arrangements with many long term clients built on a proven record of achieving the maximum return per hectare. These can be directly accessed through our advanced IT systems.
Euroforest Ireland Timber Marketing & SalesEuroforest Ireland Timber Marketing & Sales
Euroforest Ireland Timber Marketing & Sales

Marketing the whole tree

Euroforest Ireland Timber Marketing & Sales